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Process of Smoked Salts:

Water from the Pacific Ocean is brought up from 2,200 feet deep on the Kona coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii, also known as the Volcano Island. The water is desalinated, the result is a white flaky deep sea salt. 

We take the salt a step further and cold smoke it for hours to infuse the crystals with a unique flavor, aroma, and color. With great care and constant attention, two unique gourmet salts embody the characteristics of the selected Hawaiian woods; Guava and Kiawe.

Let your senses and imagination go



Description of Flavors:

  • Guava Smoked Sea SaltA fruiting tree, the Guava wood characteristics are revealed as a light earthy sweetness in it's aroma and flavor. The slow smoke process changes the white flaky crystals to a beautiful toasty caramel brown color.  
::: Try with seafood, poultry, steamed vegetables, as a rub, and a smoky brine :::

  • Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt: Kiawe (pronounced [Kee-ah-vey]) is a thorny, brushy tree similar to a Texas mesquite, native to South America and widely naturalized in Hawaii. This dense wood gives the salt a bold and rich smoky flavor. The salt is transformed into a very dark iridescent ebony color. 
::: Goes great on red meat, pork chops, hearty vegetables, and creamy pastas :::

100% Natural way to add a roasted or grilled flavor to foods that have been prepared on the stove top, grill, or in the oven.

We recommend adding it to a dish as a Finishing Touch before serving 

hat Makes Us Unique:

Our Sea Salt comes from 2,200 feet deep waters:
  • Well below the turbulent ebbs and flows of the ocean, sunlight, and warm waters there is a purer uncorrupted layer of water that we have tapped into
  • The deep layer of water is from a melted polar ice cap which migrates through the Pacific Basin to Hawaii's shores
  • The sea salt has been tested and boasts 48% less sodium than table salt and more trace minerals

All base products of Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt are by-products of something here on the Big Island:
  • We get the salt from a company on the island who is air and sun & solar evoporating the salt water on screens in greenhouses in the Kilua-Kona sunshine. A flaky soft salt remains.
  • The woods we use for smoking are gathered from trees cut for prescribed firebrakes or naturally fallen trees in neighborhoods and state land on the island.  

Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt is one of the very few who truly SMOKE the salt over a fire:
  • The smoke gives the salt a luxurious dark honey or black iridescent color
  • The smoke infuses the crystals with a roasted complex smoky caramelized flavor
  • The smoke permeates the salt with a sophisticated bouquet
  • We don't add seasoning for flavor nor roll the salt in activated-charcoal for color




 CHLORIDE % 50.7  60.0 
 0.05  NA
 IRON %  0.13  NA
 MAGNESIUM %  0.85 NA 
MANGANESE ppm %  0.04  NA 
 MOISTURE %  7.97 less than 0.2% 
 pH  10.07 neutral (7.0) 
SODIUM % (48% DIFFERENCE)  24.72 40 

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